Thanks to irrigation nutrient solution cherub: NanKe 117 bottles, 30 bottles of rabbit bladderwort, Ailiya 20 bottles, 20 bottles of bamboo cat, are you looking 6 bottles, 5 bottles Yan, I want to keep the panda Panhu 2 bottles, non-fish 1 bottle of fish, land owned by cold bottle, bottle of some bitter mouth

Thank you for supporting me, I will continue to work hard!^ _ ^

White Moonlight 7

Qin Yan saw that in the letter, in the hearts of the Soviet Union’s guess what kind of woman, saw the exquisite Soviet Union, only to find unexpected.ordinary?

Only one pair of Yan Liang surprisingly, seemed to杭州龙凤网 have a bright stars, in which there are Xinghai.

Looked at his eyes, she gave yourself a tea, and felt she was rescued Lu Zhen is not surprising.

Related to her daughter, Jinan princes in disarray, care deeply about is her daughter, Qin Yan’s not too smallpox, and her husband on the lane, responsible for finding the tomb of Huaibei businesses other homes, placed under the land Zhen, then sat exquisite Su the opposite.

Qin Yan saw the far niece, her husband to be careful with red cloak wrapped it, not even a little hair exposed.

Sipping a cup of tea, gently sigh of relief, her hair where there.

Think of the beauty of the girl, Qin Yan’s almost imagine her long无锡夜网 face, now nothing like people, the thought of being thrown into the sack with the inn’s kiosk, but fortunately the Soviet Union’s saved her.

“Doctor, you princes into the.”A servant girl came over the rough.

  ”Ok, no problem!”

  Once you know the kids certainly thirsty, Jiangxia quickly bring down the warm water in the cup, let the children drink the water in the sun to dry the body wet trousers.
  Bucket of a bucket of crabs and lobsters have been cleaned clean, Jiangxia and Flo helped cut peppers, peel garlic, stir-fried ready to use sauces.Bring large wok finally came in handy, it is the moment of frying fat carp.
  Lu Youde a common three stone stove Lei, wherein two pan is boiling water, frying fish is large iron.
  Water heaters for a two stew fish soup, a further, it is ready to call a team game standby Lu Fangguo.
  ”We’re back!”Liu Nguyen and her classmate’s voice came over far.
  They saw a man carrying a small basket of mushrooms, wild back carrying another person and berries.Lu Fangguo walking behind their hands carrying three rabbits, pheasants and four.
  Teenagers excited jumped up from深圳桑拿网 the ground, I knew it should go hunting together with Lu Shushu, missed a pity!
  However, catch lobsters and crabs are also quite good fun.
  Not to mention the children, even a few adults is the first time to participate in such activities picnic, his face has the same excitement with the children.Next to the reservoir cleaning stuff is still very convenient, they put on board the drums of clean drinking water, is designed to make meals.
  ”Old Lu, good skill ah!”Lu Shaoyang’re ready to string together their fish, he smiled and looked at his comrades.
  ”Good luck just end up a rabbit hole and wild chicken coop.You first busy, I went out to clean up these game.”
  Jiangxia first time I saw such a big smile on Lu Fangguo face, it seems that everyone on today’s event came satisfactory.
  After the fish soup on the boil, Lu Shaoyang the grilled fish of the job to the Xiao Zhou, Lu Fangguo he ran to help clean up animal offal.Bamboo Rice has issued a seductive scent, the children take the initiative to clean the berries, on a picnic mat.
  ”If hungry, you can eat first wild fruit pad belly pad.”Jiangxia is to help light a fire.
  ”We are hungry, we have to help it!”
  Liu Ruan bring everyone to the front of the rack grilled fish, grilled fish turn helped Xiao Zhou.Soon came the grill in front of children the joy of laughter.
  Lushao Yang and Lu Fangguo together, less than half an hour, pheasants and rabbits will be put up clean.One of them was thrown into the pot and pheasant mushroom stew together, the other three made the pheasant was Lu Shaoyang Beggar chicken into the fire.
  Lu Fangguo expertly wiped seasonings rabbit rack roasted on the fire, he easily caught a few berries over, the rabbit meat juice smeared on the barbecue.
  The air was filled with grilled fish and roast rabbitFragrance to cover up the taste of the original bamboo rice and fish soup.
  Children while turning grilled fish, while drooling, they decided to wait a minute must be good to eat a big meal.
  Just when you smell the barbecue flavor of swallowing, Lu Shaoyang been cleaned poured into the pot stir-fried lobster.Jiangxia looked at Lu Shaoyang strong arm, so the pot freshman, he was able to stir very skilled, maybe formerly practiced in ChuiShiBan.

  He was always impatient with those in his view women will use a skin care products, Lu Shaoyang finger across the rough on the cheek, Jiangxia valuables pulp came a dumb touch.

  ”That is not love yourself!”
  Jiangxia opened was cooler, to Lu Shaoyang who also cast scar cream.
  Although dressed unseen, Jiangxia still hope not to be so hideous scars.Cream can be used all watered down, as we go.
  Such as Jiangxia finally finished their day, oozing fine sweat on her forehead.Turn off the light on the hand, nestled in Jiangxia Lushao Yang side, eyes closed.As long as he is, you will feel particularly safe Jiangxia.
  Valley of flowers, all preparations have been ready.
  This era has not yet lawn wedding this statement, Lu Shaoyang through planning and yellow sweet-scented osmanthus revised instrument Shao Ting, a little something straight male aesthetic, a lot more romantic elements.
  Huang Guihua and Ting Shao instrument for this purpose, special put down the work at hand.
  Now, we sit together, is putting the finishing division of labor the day after wedding.
  Close to the wedding, but a bit nervous Lu Shaoyang.He does not know will not like Jiangxia?
  ”Shaoyang, you recently how the?”Jiangxia raising his hand waved in front of Lu Shaoyang,” I just told you something, what do you think?”
  Lu Shaoyang turned around, rare face a little embarrassed, “Sciascia, just what you say?I’m sorry, I want something else to go, did not catch.”
  Jiangxia conspire in front of Lu Shaoyang, look into his eyes, then cover the handle on his forehead.
  ”I did not have a fever ah?”
  Lu Shaoyang Jiangxia a grasp of the hand, then took it in the chest press.
  ”You see my physique, looks like it will be sick?”
  Heart pounding in the palm of your hand, Jiangxia some unaccus北京夜网论坛tomed withdraw his hand, “Shaoyang, you feel strange recently.Could it be that suddenly retired and sit, not used?”
  Lu Shaoyang naturally can not say the real reason with Jiangxia, he looked down at the table of car information, suddenly found just Jiangxia was talking with his change things.And he had in mind to see Jiangxia simulation flowers Valley of expression, it did not react.
  ”Change, I still feel a relatively high safety factor and secure election.The best car space is bigger, can take seven best.”
  They bow their heads get together to discuss change in the end what a car is appropriate.
  Evening, yellow sweet-scented osmanthus Jiangxia received a phone call that she has come to Beijing, Xiao Zhao call to Jiangxia quickly, turned down the schedule for tomorrow.
  Thin Looking back, she and sister for a long time not seen osmanthus.
  Hanging up the phone, Jiangxia start planning where they were going to play tomorrow, do not call to go with the Ting Shao instrument?
  Bedroom, Lu Shaoyang carrying Jiangxia revealing a smile.Another day is their wedding, Lu Shaoyang little nervous.
  Go out in the morning, especially with her mother and Lu Shaoyang Jiangxia say things they do not go home today at noon to eat.Xu Jiumei See Jiangxia find they have a lot of things want to share Huang Guihua.

  Therefore, a patriarch announced the beginning of worship, all surnamed Meng conscious men are ordered to go to the shrine, and all women, regardless of young and old people conscious of standing bowed, then coming out as the shrine sing Sheng, She knelt down on the spot in the square, the ancestral hall and bowed toward the bow.

  Qingming worship ritual is not complicated, but very tiring, the patriarch read the funeral oration, he began holding a long list, starting with the first-generation ancestor, read a name, they, the sons leaned bowed once.
  The three families will be old before a public memorial tablet, a favor to the ancestors burned offerings shoes wrapped in Sion burden, a busy burning scriptures, one for paper money, a very clear division of labor.
  With the crowd while Meng Tong knock worship, while anxious prayer ritual worship can hurry the end of the.
  She was really worried shrine of large Meng.
  Even after such a long rest, Meng large body has been compared to one year ago a lot better, but so long thanks to the knock, I’m afraid, or make him too much.
  Fortunately, by the village Meng also points to come from elsewhere, but the tradition of four generations, the entire system is Meng family in recent decades, people began to rise, in fact, not a five mutually between the number of ancestors really not that much.
  (Five originally referred to the five types of mourning, and later, five also refers to five generations, the ancients苏州夜网 “within five of the pro” argument ,, that is pushing up the Five Dynasties: Koso, great-grandfather, grandfather, father, himself, who in this kinship are relatives of the Five Dynasties
  After a small half hour, ancestral rites end.
  When the half-Ming Meng Fu semi-hugging pale as a sheet of Meng big all the way out, everyone was shocked.
  When Meng Tong seeing a stride greeted the Meng big arm around his shoulders to Meng Tong hands of naturally touch on his Momen.
  After the discovery of a large pulse Meng quite robust, but some exhausted Qi, Tong Meng actually relieved.
  Chong want to reach out to help spring Erniang shook his head, she said: “Mother, I used to become, your brisk walking a few steps, go to the car paved the quilt, I told the father to help his brother Meng Ming on the past became the.”
  Spring Erniang heard爱上海龙凤419网, immediately turned and ran toward the arch of the obedient.
  The other end of a see Meng Meng nine big way, just sighed and looked down, hands behind turned away.
  Chen Jinzhi but just quietly watching, his face look even more complex.
  Meng Meng large pillars and seven pounds, but the excitement of watching this scene almost jumped up, immediately get together to discuss it in a low voice.
  This is the first of Meng Wong Chun see Erniang ran away, just look at the Tong Meng one, evenWhy not say anything, just be careful leaning Meng freshman walk out step by step.
  ”Hey, I say Big Brother Yeah, you hurry off to where to go?I have not seen for so long, and why do not you come over to play with the father and mother say hello ah?”Meng came behind seven pounds malicious voice.
  Meng Wong’s footsteps subconscious is the meal.
  Meng Tong’s face instantly cool down, she looked pale and glanced at the big Meng.
  Meng seven pounds hear the voice of big Meng apparently some in a daze.

  Compared to the self-denial of dubious Shen, Nguyen Mu Qing confidence, comforted Shen Katsumi.

  Infected her self-confidence, self-denial mood gradually improved Shen.
  Gone on to the seventh day, that day, the 南宁桑拿palace hosted a hospitality Wing.Low-key than half a year of glory palace, after the self-denial Cai Ming Shen far and wide, was finally able to look up a little, though better than the year, but also much better than when the capital is full vocal opposition.
  Rong Rong and Wang Princess discuss the next, has been shrinking in the palace but no one is not a thing, first and restore good relations with several contacts, slowly look at the situation.
  As long as more and more disappointing Shen self-denial, they will be able to return to the palace wing circles, possibly even a higher level, to see the end of the Shen Katsumi talent.
  Wing Princess like being injected into the Spring, the people come alive, gleefully preparing the banquet.She also took A busy fishing together, to show close.Although the son of a comeback, but did not neglect the Princess Wing A fishing.Even as Nguyen Mu Qing also followed out of the limelight, Princess Wing A more concern for fish, so as not to eat her heart.
  Private heart, wing princess is not like the limelight Nguyen Mu Qing, this is not to remind people remember that day unto the things she was so much outside the male body looked, what is it not a decent thing, too late to change for others low-key, she booing.Wing Princess Anhen this woman no self-knowledge, but ever do to her in the eye after Liu had an eye, close one eye.
  A fishing could not care for them Auntie trouble, easily found a reason it declined.
  Banquet the same day, the Princess Wing busy heel hit back of the head, one of the hostess A fish has found a hiding place clean.
  The white color of snow, the woman holding a cat sitting in a hidden corner, all alone, really poor.
  This is Mu Qing Ruan see the picture.Palace banquet, she was not playing the part of this concubine, then how could she give up the opportunity of fame.She carefully prepared Lu’s “Bo Suanzi Plum Blossom” in her poem also used the occasion.Sentence ‘intention of suffering embodied the optimism, term Qunfang jealous’ swan song called.
  Kocho lead over those who are after listening to the poem, how would she think, how will want Xiewan Yu.
  She will wait and see.
  Yin finished poem Nguyen longer-Mu Qing saw the Arab fishing, fishing Ah Mu Qing also saw Nguyen.
  Two across the frozen pond distant relative, suddenly, in the eyes of Nguyen Mu Qing, across the face of people to see the kind of superior temperament and teeth itch coincide with another woman.
  This time she won.
  How noble birth, Soong and how, is not lost to her, even his own men are unable to retain.In this life, he was her, completely from the heart to the body belonged to her only.
  They will Caiming far and wide, were moving world, more and more people will feel they are the perfect match.They also have children, many children.
  And she Xiewan Yu, is that a most superfluous!
  Nguyen Mu Qing mouth up, smile broadened into touch.
  Nguyen Mu Qing were rolling eyeball in a circle, ear to Kocho said: “You find a way to lead the women over several.”
  Kocho know why.

  This is obviously premeditated stabbing, but they deliberately put these unsuspecting netizens as the gun!

  Last night, I eat melon audience how scolded Yuyao Yao, that she does not work, today they drill for gifted director with this anger is hundred thousand times!
  In particular, yesterday?Many passers-by hate pink, residual brain is said to protect the Lord, there is also evidence speak for idols, Chen Yuan was snow today, the hearts of hate across the screen, these bastards fight face pops.
  [Brain-dead person in charge of the diamond, by go die out!]
  [Speaking after the despicable, must have forced these names!]
  [Chen Qiao diamond endorsement for this dog, run my sister, I want to make money mad?Not the bottom line!]
  [Rushed this shameless degree, this shit money can not buy me diamonds!]
  [Originally I thought it was beautiful diamond necklace, my family?Sister fairy wearing just a little, like, now.Oh, excellent drill, when bankruptcy!]
  A group of shaken yesterday, suspected of Yuyao Yao?Powder, is hearts feel guilty.
  Today apologize Yuyao Yao side, while they took excellent drill criticizes discredited by a few.
  Almost a blink of an eye, excellent drill brand’s official website, the official website of the group, leading people Guzi Jie, director of the official Bo Ji Chang, all surrounded by condemning!
  Several recent publicity, only scold the commentary, no cheers.
  Even yesterday, in support of their big V, veteran actor, have also been Ait, the money was challenged to do a navy, and being not respect the old, do not have their own little German art, face to say that someone.
  All of a sudden, this topic #YY get any redress # rushed the first hot search.
  More and more people have seen this video.
  Yesterday off the powder, the road turns black, and even yesterday did not even brush to th南宁夜网is topic, and today can see, suddenly sink in her dedicated performances in.
  One of the long comment, and received a reply thumbs up nearly ten thousand.
  [Before today, I think YYY is the flow-Star, did not concern her.But having watched this video, I suddenly these are her eyes, punch hit my heart.I was in her eyes, only to see the dedication with professional, also saw strong tenacity, the atmosphere, unyielding.
  Baibandiaonan is so she can maintain beginner’s mind, trying to beat the little advertising, just to the completion of due diligence had been hired to work, which is how many has become a name, an arrogant star can not do?
  Moreover, she Aura!
  Mist before the eyes of the moment, if that is an ordinary girl lost, but the next moment when she turned from the diamond necklace collar, the eyes of the gas field is completely changed, from low self-esteem to become confident dodge powerful, not only bright eyes, even her whole person becomes bright.
  And that side head to look reflectors brightness of little tricks, is the finishing touch to this small ads!This not only increases the brightness with clarity in her eyes, fully enhance the sense of this diamond advertising, and also did make things difficult for the director’s request to complete the super-tough interpretation of the diamond eyes!
  One person she resisted the pressure, ridicule, taunt, the impossible can become possible!
  This video, to see my blood boil!
  Starting today, I hit her in the end CALL!]

le simply do not bad money, certainly do a good clean officer.”

  ”Do you think we make more money, how can not think about it, feed mill bulk of profits are four younger siblings there it!In addition to these four younger siblings feed mill, as well as open peasant farms all over the country, a variety of planting base.Spend tens of millions to repair the park, I did not kill that looked to the park, definitel杭州桑拿y he lost his down the drain, but you looked at four siblings happy yet?”
  ”That’s tens of millions of small Money, estimated four siblings would not mind.After now over the hill and in the苏州桑拿网 repair did not know Shane, her four brothers and sisters also said a new era with a joint venture to build, the man and his wife are both do great things, you earn this much money, I felt as good as the ability to fourth brother you?”
  ”Do not say the other, just married four younger siblings about it, the ability to fourth brother better than you!”
  Du Zhenguo is little to complain about one, Zhu did not expect was a look of spring grass sprayed spittle.
  He rubbed his face and said, “I’m not as good as the ability to fourth brother, but this is not what you married?If I had four brothers that ability, you still Which kinds of sweet potato it Zhibuding!”
  Zhu spring grass heels on tiptoes towards Du Zhenguo severely stamped his, no longer 苏州桑拿网beep with Du Zhenguo.
  Zhu would like to have spring grass understand, Du Zhenguo said is true, her daughter in law if not Du parents in these hats, Gu Xuanzhi Why do business with her?Why she took dividends?
  After all, she was soiled Du Zhenguo light.
  Gu Gu mom and dad live under depression for several months have been moved, nature is seen with Du Du old man and old woman.
  Although relatives may have any feelings?Just enough

not be missed.

  Sumi every time I saw his brother eat the marrow bones can not wait to call several more dancing feet.
  Not knowing really a throwaway, it is simply hateful.
  ”This ye eat?You can taste it?If this one does not care who bite the bone, it can Zezheng ah?Besides, this little dish tightly pack house?What are scallions hold?That could taste it?”Zhang Yuyu not believe.
  So these small steamed pork ribs into them?Cooked able to eat?That could taste it?
  ”Can not you see how long I marinate it?Guarantee delicious, but ah, but the taste and eating normally guarantee, not the same feel无锡夜网ing, I felt each bun has picked up a little surprise, there are some expectations, and so it will taste did not have to pick, really, you do not believe me?”Sumi nodded fiercely, spare no effort to promote their own buns.
  ”Also, you have a spectrum of heart on the line, I try Zeyang, anyway, I do not eat delicious dumplings chanting, nor I’m not hungry?”Zhang Yuyu heart has begun to look forward to this meat bones buns, 杭州桑拿and his mouth was intentional or bickering.

  ☆, seven hundred and seventeenth chapter: meat bones buns

  ”Yes, if you do not like to eat the bun, then it would eat dumplings, anyway, in my opinion are similar, some say if the difference, it is that you want dumplings dipped in vinegar and soy sauce, in fact, I’m not saying, but also buns so to eat ah.”But Sumi seen a lot of people when the bun dipped in vinegar in modern times it.
  ”What have ye eat, you say, sister, before I did not eat soy sauce, I do not know there are so many rare things ah is not it, that I eat dumplings dipped in vinegar, which since I listen to you, and dumplings dipped in soy sauce, chili oil, really good, really good, I’m not willing to gnaw jealous.”Taking advantage of those who are still pickled pork ribs, pulled Zhang Yuyu Sumi began to study up on北京夜网 those dishes should be how to eat, how to eat more delicious.
  ”In fact, I was never very fond of jealous, but, you know the kind of vinegar, vinegar taste like vinegar taste that usually is much heavier than up, like a cucumber soup, spi

  ”Sumi!You come ah, Oh, look at you, so I said Sumi filial piety will certainly not come?Without departing from what is!We are one family where they come from schisms?”

  Sumi here and just close to Lee Zhang Yuyu, not when the door, it was sharp-eyed aunt to seize Li Li Qiuqin.
  This will be her son had not at all cynical to say Sumi not keep the Women do not look like a tramp is serious.
  Sumi tore his arm warm tone that pleasing countenance does not know yet that she weekdays and Sumi how close it.
  Sumi watching Li Qiuqin hypocritical, deliberately wanted to ridicule a few, eventually swallowed.
  Do not want to leave it alone, it is such a person feel and care about too plunges, even if simply.
  ”Sumi ah, come on in, your mother ah cry for a while, and that we could not stand up like the poor!”Those people around to listen to Li Qiuqin say Sumi did not say anything, I thought Sumi This is a feel wrong.
  Soon it all quickly occupied the moral high point, and why the self in o苏州桑拿网rder to understand, one thing can put what looks like the beginning of “earnest,” Sumi teachings.
  ”To say that more than the usual old lady Ling rugged an old lady ah, who has her village eight miles firm?This is either really could not think of themselves can cause such a move?Not to mention the children, and I looked at all these outsiders poor.”The speaker was Wong Hei.
  She had all sorts of jealous of Sumi, Sumi but very seldom appeared in the village, but she saved the harsh words of a stomach waiting to say.

  ☆, two hundred and thirtieth IX: my sister be a good temper!

  This child is possessed of fine play and Sumi whirlwind “acting” mean.
  That way, if you can grow a little more beautiful, then it can be really a bitch this bitch green tea.
  ”I’d never see it before Wong Hei Ling grandmother and sister relationship so good to see Wong Hei sister like you do not know yet that death is the biological mother of Wang Xi sister does, but I remember last year, the king hi sister you and Wang Guihua thing because the ridge of a fight of it, how to speak also helped Lee family today?”Wang Xi Zhang Yuyu see this feminine affectation look really sick, could not help but spoke up.
  The sentence seems kind of ironic with Zhang Yuyu deliberately exaggerated tone of disgust still skeptical expression almost let Wong Hei-breaking work.
  ”My sister-in-law and osmanthus that thing is in the past eight hundred years of thing, who’s busy doing all right turn those LaoHuangLi?”Wang Xi Zhang Yuyu looked barely smiled, seeing that she was a look of disdain temper rub it on the table.Thinking about good and she said said, but heard the mayor Alan Li’s voice called out: “Do not come up Sumi?I heard the sound of children on the outside, it Sumi?In the end did not come to?”
  Sumi quickly agreed to a loud, Wong Hei and also the confrontation Zhang Yuyu to pull over.
  ”Chief Uncle, do it, why we’re here!”Sumi while loudly shouting so Alan Li determine their position in being surrounded by layers, while trying to be myself, ‘to break the siege’.
  But try a few times after she was aware of her own inability.
  ”Damn!you guys!Click one’s tongue!”Li Fu saw the look on everyone to be fenced Sumi and Zhang Yuyu, cheeky intolerance.
  These people are never too big thing to watch, really thought Sumi to give it to the Lee family headed!
  ”Hastened to get out of all, let Sumi come in, what are you doing here Duzhe!?You are Sumi ah?”Alan Li waved his hand, shouted loudly.
  Li village people have seen nothing more than a club of world lost a few bundles of corn Sicko, the West family mother and daughter got into a fight, have seen the biggest official is Alan Li of the village.

  Met not know the word, he will have to stop and ask.

  ”Dad, mom is an angel to make, how to write?”
  ”Daddy, Mommy great temperament, very beautiful, but also to write parallelism, how to write?It is the word.”
  Not finished, pink super rainbow fart has given way to live among the whole have felt.
  A reward will not stop too!
  [Rui baby was five years old now?!He even knew how parallelism!?]
  [In previous years the variety, always saw him holding a tablet to see net classes, that he really is a school bully!]
  【Oh my God.My family Rui cubs, this intelligence, this value Yen!Wailing woo, I die, my sister died in the eyes of the Core Cubs!]
  [I was born is not, Rui cubs, sister, and you grow up?]
  [Shut up, I’ll get exercise book to do that, I lost a baby!]
  Studio number of people watching the surge, Shen Yi Chong brow stretch next.
  But obviously from the target, and some far.
  Shen Yi Chong thought, then raised his head, his own phone screen into a live camera before, “a little, the stock market opened.Shen Rui wrote a small essay in time, I gave you the live stock.Two hours later, the first to earn hundred thousand.”
  ”If you need my advice, you can also leave a message.”
  He finished, see the director Zhao.
  ”10% of investment income, it can be converted to family funds?”
  Tuition “If I’m online advice, received, it can be a family funds?”
  Live among a row of exclamation points, with neat kneeling!
  Zhao: “.”
  He thought Yuyao Yao asleep, the program will move towards normal.
  Oh, he wanted to be so b深圳桑拿网eautiful!

Chapter 154 of the first and more
  Yuyao Yao this one is simply not normal.